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Programs Funded


PHS Parents’ Club partners with PHS teachers, administrators, staff, parents and our community to support the rich and broad educational experience that is part of the PUSD K-12 philosophy for our children.  These are just some of the programs that the PHS Parents’ Club has historically funded in the past five years.


  • Ongoing financial support of Macs for the PHS Science Pilot and Teacher Laptops

  • $5,000 to the Challenge Success program

  • $7,200 for Senior Activities (picnic, celebration, prom and grad night)

  • Purchase of 400 Chrome Book sets for Mobile Learning

  • 1:1 Chrome Book Pilot for 9th and 11th Grades

  • After School Study Program

  • District Support of $300 per student

  • The College and Career Center - an information and resource center for PHS Students and Families. Visit for more details.

  • Support for Curriculum needs: AP European History, Library Resource Support and Classroom Materials

  • Increase commitment to Technology Instruction and Technology Support

  • The Wellness Center - Staffing and Leadership programs

  • Health Educator

  • $5,000 Teacher’s Grants Programs (math conferences, additional learning tools, books, furniture in library)

  • The Highland Piper - a student generated and published literary magazine

  • The PHS Style Guide - a resource tool for all students

  • Staff Development

  • Piedmont Portal

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Assemblies & Speakers, including the Educational Speaker Series

  • Support for Service Learning Leadership and Curriculum development for all grade levels

  • Support for Student attendance at Camp Everytown - a nationally recognized, intensive youth leadership development program based on the core values of respect, acceptance and responsiblity

  • Support for Ground Crew - a new freshman transition program


PHS offers a myriad of opportunities for students to find their niche throughout their high school years and the PHS Parents’ Club works to support these endeavors.



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