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College and Career Center


The College and Career Center is an information resource center of Piedmont High School’s Counseling Office. Created in the late 1960s by a volunteer group of interested parents, the Center’s part-time Coordinator and operating expenses are currently funded by the PHS Parents Club.

Students and parents are welcome to visit and are encouraged to use the many resources of the Center, some of which can be checked out for home use. These include information on the following:

  • Colleges and universities

  • College-related guides and selection information

  • Career information

  • Financial aid and scholarships

  • Testing information

  • Community service opportunities

  • Job listings

  • Local, national, and international summer and gap-year programs

The Center hosts visits by college admissions officers who meet with junior and senior students in the Fall. On-campus events offered by the Center include College Information Night, Case Studies Night, and a Parents Panel for senior parents. The Center also assists the Counseling Office in conducting orientation sessions for various student and parent groups.


For more information visit the PHS website College and Career Center

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