Welcome from our Parents' Club Presidents


Dear Parents,

Dear PHS Families,


On behalf of the Piedmont High School Parents' Club (PHS PC), we want to welcome you to the 2020-21 school year at PHS.  We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our ninth graders, the class of 2024, as well as to all the new families who have joined the PHS community.


For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the PHS Parents' Club, we are a volunteer-based parent group responsible for the organization and financial support of a wide range of educational, social and cultural events at PHS. And, in the coming school year, we expect the Parents’ Club at PHS will play an even more vital role in supporting the administration, faculty and students as we collectively shift to our new normal. 


Your membership contributions are the sole source of the Parents’ Club budget and support levels range from $75 to $250. We hope you will consider joining the PHS Parents’ Club this year.  Funds raised will continue to support many of the traditions and activities that make PHS so special, but will also support programs pertinent to our current situation, including:


●      New funding to support technology for PHS teachers and staff

●      Funding to support student mental health and support through the Wellness Center
●      Funding for the Stanford-affiliated Challenge Success program that allows for later start times             and other critical research-based strategies that promote student well-being and engagement             with learning.

●      A new parent-led team focused on teacher and staff appreciation


We encourage you to attend our monthly Parents’ Club meetings to keep abreast of what’s going on at PHS and to hear from our dedicated administrators.  You’ll learn about school-wide initiatives and district updates, meet faculty and staff, hear from student leaders, and connect (albeit virtually at first) with other parents. We would like to personally invite you to attend and get involved.  Most meetings are on Fridays at 9:15am, but there will be two evening meetings at 7pm as well.  This year, we expect most meetings will be virtual, allowing more parents to join and participate.


Thank you in advance for your support in helping to sustain the educational and extracurricular programs that are great traditions at PHS! We look forward to working with you this year. Feel free to reach out to us at any time. 


Best Wishes,


Linda Smith Munyan and Jane Day Violich 

PHS Parents’ Club Co-Presidents

Linda Smith-Munyan, Co-President,  PHS Parents' Club

Jane Day Violich, Co-President,
PHS Parents' Club